Welcome to RL Aqua AB!

RL Aqua AB has a broad experience in water chemistry in energy and industrial facilities and holds training adapted to each facility.

What I do

To solve the issues that arise in our world of steam and water chemistry.


Help solve small and large disruptions in water chemistry.


Business-oriented education. New Chemistry Manager or Knowledge Development?


Change analysis equipment, change process or build new facility?

Practical work

Need reinforcement?


Test new ideas in the process, are routines tailored to business and guidelines?


Is the process running efficiently?

Mölndal Energi AB

“We hired Roger for a long period where he worked on the design of changes and practical chemistry. We are very pleased with his work and efforts. ”

Annika Malmberg

About me

Roger Lundberg, who owns and operates RL AquaConsulting has been working as chemist for Sweden’s largest power plant for 29 years and has over many years encountered many different issues that gave a great understanding of what can happen in the chemical world.

Other merits:

  • Member of Värmeforsk (now Energiforsk) material and chemical group under 12 year
  • Member of the Food Water Division since 2004
  • Member of SIAPWS since 2015